Topics in Wildlife Medicine Volume 2: Emergency and Critical Care

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Table of Contents

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Wildlife
        by Emily Moore, DVM

Emergency Drugs Used in Wildlife Medicine
        by Megan Kirchgessner, DVM

Fluid Therapy Considerations for Wildlife
        by Debra Myers, DVM

Diagnosing and Treating Anemia in the Wild Avian Patient
        by Susan L. Bartlett, DVM

Principles of Wound Management in Wildlife Patients
        by Julia K. Whittington, DVM

Evaluating and Treating Central Nervous System Trauma in Wildlife
        by Maureen Murray, DVM

Common Toxicoses of Wildlife
        by Erica A. Miller, DVM

Pain Management in Wildlife Rehabilitation
        by Florina S. Tseng, DVM

Nutritional Considerations for Critical Wildlife Patients
        by Cheryl Hoggard, DVM


Edited by Florina S. Tseng, DVM and Mark A. Mitchell, DVM, MS, PhD

Total number of pages: 126